AiBO Electric Reveals The Best Electric Skateboard Ever Made.

The best electric skateboard ever made.

AiBO Electric, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking electric skateboard – AiBO. With its cutting-edge features and advanced technology, AiBO sets a new standard for E-skates, providing riders with an unmatched riding experience.

Just lean and go?

The problem with E-skate’s:

Traditional E-skates, powered by hand-held remotes, have become a popular choice among enthusiasts. However, there devices have glaring issues that leave riders questioning; why we still use them? At their core, these remotes are compact wireless controllers that communicate with the skateboard’s ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). They are equipped with buttons, usually a thumbwheel or trigger for acceleration and braking, and are designed to provide the rider with a convenient and intuitive means of controlling their board’s speed.

One of the most significant issues with hand-held remotes is that the majority of them are cheaply made and manufactured with the same technology in China. While cost-effective manufacturing has its merits, it also brings along certain drawbacks:

  • Technical problems: Since these remotes are mass manufactured with many using the same technology as one another, the quality control for these remotes can be inconsistent. Some common problems include: Defective buttons & circuit board, Faulty battery, unintentionally breaking or accelerating, laggy or no response from throttle while riding.
  • Seriously? Another device to charge? In a world filled with an ever-expanding array of devices that need charging, adding an E-skate remote to the mix might leave you questioning the necessity. Beyond the skateboard itself, the remote control requires its share of power, and the inconvenience of an uncharged remote rendering your E-skate unusable further emphasizes the burden of managing yet another gadget in your daily charging routine.
  • A cheap toy. These cheaply mass-produced remotes are often made from subpar materials, which are more akin to flimsy toys than reliable control devices. This raises a glaring concern in the context of some E-skate’s capable of reaching speeds of up to 50+ mph. These remotes lack the robustness and durability necessary for such a critical role, leaving riders at risk of technical failures and accidents. It begs the question: if E-skate’s are becoming increasingly recognized as high-speed vehicles, why are they being controlled by something that seems better suited for a child’s toy?
  • No Customization: Generic remotes lack advanced features and customization options, restricting the riders’ ability to fine-tune their riding experience.

AiBO Electric’s new Leaning deck acceleration system.

Electric Skateboard

AiBO has developed a unique leaning deck acceleration system that revolutionizes control and maneuverability. It works by simply leaning forward/backward to accelerate/break respectively. Think of it this way: similar to a traditional skateboard, where leaning is used to turn right and left AiBO is able to use a similar feel but to accelerate and break giving riders a seamless and intuitive experience. The skateboard stands on four steady wheels, which enhances rider stability. The leaning deck, positioned slightly above the lower deck, provides riders with a natural “leaning feel” allowing the lower deck to stay level and steady, while the rider is able to control the board with the leaning deck.

Avoid the bad – with collision avoidance.

To understand the significance of this feature, we must understand how E-skate collisions occur. It is also important to remember; these high-speed vehicles share the same pathways with cyclists, pedestrians, and other riders, making safety a paramount concern.

A study conducted by UCLA found that, “the estimated injury rate amounts to 115 injuries per 1 million trips.” To put this into perspective, this injury rate surpasses that of other transportation modes: 104 injuries per million motorcycle trips, 15 injuries per million bicycle trips, 8 injuries per million passenger car trips, and a mere 2 injuries per million walking trips. It’s important to note that this study primarily focused on 2-wheeled electric scooters.

The study also revealed that a staggering 33% of victims required extensive follow-up medical care beyond a single clinical visit. Keep in mind – these stats include accidents that were not only the vehicles’ riders, but also pedestrians who were hit by riders.

A safer future for E-skate’s

This is where collision avoidance technology comes into play. Equipped with a suite of onboard sensors, including infrared (IR), radar, and cameras, AiBO’s innovative software takes rider safety to the next level. The system constantly scans surrounding, detecting potential obstacles and hazards, alerting the rider in real-time, and taking action if necessary.

In essence, collision avoidance technology doesn’t just offer protection for the rider; but, to the entire community of pedestrians, cyclists, and riders who share the same pathways.

As technology continues to evolve, these systems will continue to become more robust. Although, AiBO’s ADAS integration is a positive step in the right direction.

Pair up with the AiBO app

Electric Skateboard App

Voice Assist – Your Riding Buddy

AiBO’s onboard voice assistant provides the rider with complete control over their ride. Whether you need directions, want to change settings, or simply chat about the weather.

The voice assistant also provides live vehicle updates and directions straight to your ear. Additionally, for those who are just starting out, AiBO’s voice assistant will guide them through the learning process.

Maps & Speed Control – Your Smart Navigator

With built-in maps, riders can schedule rides, check the weather, and find the perfect route for depending range and time requirements.

Further, AiBO automatically controls the riders speed. Say you are approaching a turn; through voice, AiBO will let you know, then automatically slow down allowing for a simple and easy turn.

Additionally, AiBO’s speed control system regards rider safety by controlling speed based on riding conditions. For example, if a rider suddenly approaches a hill while riding at high speeds, typically, this will cause a boost in unwanted acceleration. Although, AiBO will automatically adjust the motors response to make sure the rider always moving at the intended speed.

Vehicle Settings – Your Ride, Your Way

The AiBO app lets you fine-tune everything to suit your style, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. It’s all about making your ride truly yours.

Live Updates – Stay Informed

Get real-time information on your speed, battery status, remaining range, estimated arrival time, Etc.

Friends – Stay Connected

With AiBO, you can connect with fellow riders through the app. Share ride statistics, swap stories about your favourite locations, and even set up group rides.

Detachable extended battery pack

AiBO is compatible with detachable battery packs providing extended range if needed. Users can easily carry an extra battery in their backpack and charge it separately from the board. Whether you need an extra lifeline when away from home and low on battery, or just require extra range to reach a specific destination.

Reserve Your AiBO Now.

For a limited time only, customers can reserve their own AiBO for just $0.99. By reserving during the launch period, customers will gain exclusive access to discounts and guaranteed delivery upon release.

‍”We are delighted to introduce AiBO to the market,” expressed Ibrahim Kasim, Founder and CEO at AiBO Electric. ” We have reimagined what an E-skate can be, pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering a game-changing product that caters to the needs of riders in every situation.” Kasim enthusiastically adds that there are many more exciting developments in the pipeline. To learn more about AiBO Electric and their revolutionary E-skate, visit their website at Join the electric mobility revolution and experience the future of skateboarding with AiBO Electric.

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